[webkit-help] Extending javascript namespace

Jason Rukman JasonR at bsquare.com
Wed Apr 21 09:45:11 PDT 2010

I'm looking at some custom javascript extensions and trying to decide if I should use a plugin or add javascript API's similar to how DRT does it.

This would be things that may be device specific for a custom application; stuff like accessing battery level, charging information... things like that. This isn't something that I can see adding back to the webkit community though as it's very application specific.

Can anyone give me some opinions on which of these two paths may be better?  I can see that using a plugin may let me add different plugins without modify the webkit client but in this case I really will likely only have a single plugin but the API interface hooking into didClearWindowObjectForFrameInScriptWorld seems cleaner and easier to implement (especially as DRT itself provides some nice sample code for it).

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