[webkit-help] Webkit run on CE6 error

Hui Tang Hui.Tang at cybercom.com
Mon Apr 19 01:57:37 PDT 2010

Hi, all

I have compiled qt webkit for CE6, when I start to run webkit browser, it gives out errors, and can't load any pages at all.
What's go on in this error?

Exception 'Alignment Error' (4): Thread-Id=055a080a(pth=879029e0), Proc-Id=05510
0f2(pprc=862a99b0) 'browser.exe', VM-active=055100f2(pprc=862a99b0) 'browser.exe
PC=41dc9094(qtwebkit4.dll+0x00389094) RA=41dc97bc(qtwebkit4.dll+0x003897bc) SP=0
01fb388, BVA=00000000
Exception 'Raised Exception' (-1): Thread-Id=055a080a(pth=879029e0), Proc-Id=004
00002(pprc=8240a30c) 'NK.EXE', VM-active=055100f2(pprc=862a99b0) 'browser.exe'
PC=c003fdd0(k.coredll.dll+0x0001fdd0) RA=80113b8c(kernel.dll+0x00005b8c) SP=de8c
f3f8, BVA=ffffffff
CTLPNL: cmdline=cplmain.cpl,6
--->>>CTLPNL: CPL='cplmain.cpl' icon=6 tab=0
QWaitCondition: Destroyed while threads are still waiting

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