[webkit-help] building dumprendertree

Alan Burnett ralanburnett at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 7 11:41:15 PDT 2010

I'm fairly new to WebKit and want to use dumprendertree for some debugging.  I downloaded the nightly build and built WebKit with no problems.  When I run the build-dumprendertree script I get the following errors:
The following build commands failed:
    CompileC /Users/alanburnett/WebKit/WebKitBuild/DumpRenderTree.build/Release/DumpRenderTree.build/Objects-normal/x86_64/LayoutTestControllerMac.o /Users/alanburnett/WebKit/WebKitTools/DumpRenderTree/mac/LayoutTestControllerMac.mm normal x86_64 objective-c++ com.apple.compilers.gcc.4_2
    CompileC /Users/alanburnett/WebKit/WebKitBuild/DumpRenderTree.build/Release/DumpRenderTree.build/Objects-normal/x86_64/DumpRenderTree.o /Users/alanburnett/WebKit/WebKitTools/DumpRenderTree/mac/DumpRenderTree.mm normal x86_64 objective-c++ com.apple.compilers.gcc.4_2
DumpRenderTree Perl Support:
    ExternalBuildToolExecution "DumpRenderTree Perl Support"
(3 failures)

General question - Is there a specific folder I should install WebKit into, or is it OK to install into my user folder?  When I use the dumprendertree.xproj project in xcode I get 721 errors, mostly relating to not being able to find files.  Do I need to update a path or the like in Xcode to tell it to search in the WebKit subfolders for files.  I can understand the xproj not being up to date (the locations of Webkit.framework and JavaScriptCore.framework are not anything close to where they are in the nightly build), but I would think the build script would run correctly right out of the box.  Maybe I'm too hopeful? :-) 

Thanks for the help
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