[webkit-help] WebkitGTK questions...

Martin, Charles cmart at dolby.com
Thu Apr 1 13:54:11 PDT 2010

Hi -


   I'm trying to upgrade the webkitgtk library that our application
uses.  I'm a little puzzled over some things:


1)       The latest stable version of webkitgtk+ is  However,
there's an svn branch called /root/releases/WebkitGTK/ up to version
1.1.23.  So which version is considered the one that will work over

2)       How do I download a release branch of WebkitGTK?  The "Getting
the Code" URL only talks about downloading nightly builds or the code
from the trunk.  It doesn't give the URL needed to download release
version 1.1.23, for example.


Help appreciated, thanks.  Charles.

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