[webkit-help] Initial help

Wright, Paul Paul.Wright at oa.mo.gov
Mon Sep 21 10:50:35 PDT 2009

We just received a request to build an app for an iPhone. We have never
done anything like this before so are seeking some advice on how to get
started. The app will give student organizations the ability to download
conference agendas to their iPhones.


Any and all help is appreciated.


Paul G. Wright

IT Director-Education

Office of Administration-ITSD


DESE: Phone: 573.526.7363, Fax: 573.526.4125, Web:
http://www.dese.mo.gov <http://www.dese.mo.gov>  

DHE:   Phone: 573.526.1583, Fax: 573.751.6635, Web: ,
http://www.dhe.mo.gov <http://www.dhe.mo.gov> 

Cell: 573.298.2022


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