[webkit-help] compiling Project: JavaScriptCore, Configuration: Release Win32

Dipanshu Mansingka dipanshu_mansingka at persistent.co.in
Wed Sep 16 22:44:33 PDT 2009

After all the 18 projects are compiled and linked from bin folder at \webkit\WebKitBuild\bin do I need to run WinLauncher.exe to start the application?

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On Sep 1, 2009, at 12:45 PM, Dipanshu Mansingka wrote:

> How long it takes to build the complete solution.
> It is stuck for long time at this location.
> 5>Linking...
> 5>   Creating library D:\webkit\webkit\source\SVNSnapshot\webkit 
> \WebKitBuild\lib\WebKit.lib and object D:\webkit\webkit\source 
> \SVNSnapshot\webkit\WebKitBuild\lib\WebKit.exp
> 5>Generating code

This step is expected to take a long time in Release builds. Link-time  
code generation (LTCG) takes a lot of RAM and CPU.


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