[webkit-help] Possible memory leak or cache problem

john.kjellberg at power.alstom.com john.kjellberg at power.alstom.com
Tue Oct 6 00:46:02 PDT 2009

webkit-help-bounces at lists.webkit.org wrote on 2009-10-06 09:37:54:

> > FYI: I'm using /proc/<pid>/smaps to check memory usage. save the 
output to a
> > file and then diff it to check growth.
> I hate to repeat myself but can you kindly retry using Valgrind Massif
> so we can find the root cause? smaps output is probably good but it
> won't help us solving the problem quickly.

Sorry I didn't respond to you. I'm doing this during work time and have 
some other commitments.

I have tried to use "massif" only right now and I'm not sure how to 
interpet the output and what flags to use etc.

Could I run it just as "valgrind --tool=massif"? will "ms_print 
massif.out.<pid>" give me the information I need? Is there a place where I 
can upload the output so that you and others can take a look at it(I asume 
that the file is to big to upload to the maillist?!)


/ John
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