[webkit-help] Possible memory leak or cache problem

john.kjellberg at power.alstom.com john.kjellberg at power.alstom.com
Tue Oct 6 00:32:23 PDT 2009

webkit-help-bounces at lists.webkit.org wrote on 2009-10-05 17:31:14:
> Maybe try creating a new one each time, deleting it after finishing 
> processing it.  The logic on how to clean up the multi-used XHR objects 
> may be a bit messy - just doing a single request with each, and then 
> cleanup afterwards, may give you better results.

I tried this and got the same result, i.e. growth.

The growth is not constant. It grows in the beginning, then no growth for 
a while and then it starts again and so on. I usually try to let it run 
for about 30minutes or something.

FYI: I'm using /proc/<pid>/smaps to check memory usage. save the output to 
a file and then diff it to check growth.

/ John
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