[webkit-help] Windows Cairo build configuration

Thomas Fletcher thomas at cranksoftware.com
Wed Nov 18 18:02:22 PST 2009


   I'm building the Windows Cairo 'native' WebKit build and I'd like to
be able to toggle some of the features (ie ENABLE_SVG*) off and on.  As
far as I can tell, there is no straightforward way to do achieve this
using the build-webkit options when building for Windows.

It looks like the ENABLE type options are hard coded in several places:
* The WebKit/win/WebKit.vcproj pre-processor settings for Cairo
* The WebCore/WebCore.vcproj/WebCoreCommon.vsprops file
* The WebCore/WebCore.vcproj/build-generated-files.sh

It feels wrong to have to be changing so many files/locations just to
turn off something that is a standard build option on other platforms.

Am I missing the boat here?

Thomas Fletcher
Crank Software Inc.

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