[webkit-help] how to run mozilla test cases one by one using JSC

Osztrogonac Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Sun Nov 8 14:04:17 PST 2009

Hi Jeff,

Certainly, you can run tests one by one. If you have a Linux or MAC
platform with perl, just build WebKit, and execute run-javascriptcore
tests. You can find necessary commands on the standard output:
  " ... /jsc"  -s  -f ./ecma/shell.js -f ./ecma/Array/15.4-1.js
  " ... /jsc"  -s  -f ./ecma/shell.js -f ./ecma/Array/15.4-2.js
  " ... /jsc"  -s  -f ./ecma/shell.js -f ./ecma/Array/
  " ... /jsc"  -s  -f ./ecma/shell.js -f ./ecma/Array/
  " ... /jsc"  -s  -f ./ecma/shell.js -f ./ecma/Array/

You can run these manually too. It is important, executing some test
cases need more shell.js. The main rule is you have to include shell.js
from the directory of test case, the shell.js from the parent directory, etc.

After running a test case, you can parse simple its output.


>    I bring up webkit with jit on my stb box. I want to test the jit if 
> it is fine. When i run the mozilla test cases, i found that it need the 
> perl tools. But my platform has not the perl environment, my question is 
> that:
> can i run the test cases one by one  under shell environment? such us 
> ./jsc -f xxxx.js
> and can you tell me how to do this? when i run "./jsc -f  
> ./emac/array/15-4.1.js", it always exit with code 3. That means it get 
> error.

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