[webkit-help] WebKit "BUILD FAILED"

Nicholas Geier ncgeier at vistaresources.net
Mon Jul 27 14:57:48 PDT 2009

OK, I give up and am going to "ask for directions"
I have a Windows Vista notebook computer on which I am trying to do a build
for the first time.  I am not new to programming after nearly 40 years of
doing it, but this is my first exposure to WebKit.  I downloaded the
"Nightly builds" a few days ago as well as installing Cygwin, Visual Studio
2005 and the QT SDK.   I then ran the build and it failed.  I tried a few
things and still could not get all builds to work.  It seems it stops after
7 failures? because I get a different number of "succeeded" every time.  The
strange thing is that the results are never the same twice in a row even if
I don't change anything.  Yesterday I decided to download a new "Nightly
builds" and unlike previous builds where there were quite a few "unable to
find ____.h" type errors, this time there was only one.  WinLauncher.cpp was
looking for a ____COMAPI.h in the wrong path.  I updated the source and ran
the build again. This time there were no more "unable to find" type errors.
I got "11 succeeded and 7 failed".  The errors were "1 returned from
cmd.exe" in 5 instances and 2 were link errors.   I read more on the
webkit.org website and saw where it said Safari was required on Windows
systems, so I installed that, ran the build again and got fewer succeeded.
I have not changed anything else I tried running the build with and without
the --debug parameter and I never get the same results twice on any of the
One thing I am wondering about is the message that it is running at most 2
instances of cl.exe.  Is it doing that because it thinks I have two CPU's?
There is really only one but it emulates two.  Is there a way to single
thread running at most 1 instance of cl.exe to see if I can at least start
getting consistent results?  Or does anyone have a clue what else might be
causing the build failures?
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