[webkit-help] handleMousePressEvent always returns FALSE

Luka Napotnik luka.napotnik at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 23:16:21 PDT 2009


I trigger a mouse event with handleMousePressEvent() and then
handleMouseReleaseEvent() to simulate a click on the page in the Gtk+
port of WebKit.

Exampler usage:
gboolean click1, click2;

click1 = frame->eventHandler()->handleMousePressEvent(PlatformMouseEvent(
       IntPoint(x, y), IntPoint(0,0), LeftButton, MouseEventPressed, 1,
        false, false, false, false, GDK_CURRENT_TIME));

click2 = frame->eventHandler()->handleMouseReleaseEvent(PlatformMouseEvent(
        IntPoint(x, y), IntPoint(0,0), LeftButton, MouseEventReleased, 1,
        false, false, false, false, GDK_CURRENT_TIME));

where x and y are my click coordinates. I set a valid coordinate to a
html div element that will change when clicked. The problem is that
handleMousePressEvent always returns FALSE event when I successfully
click on the element and I see the changes. What could cause
handleMousePressEvent() to fail. Is there some argument that I didn't
set up correctly?


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