[webkit-help] webkit in Visual Studio 2005

Nicholas Geier ncgeier at vistaresources.net
Fri Aug 21 07:58:48 PDT 2009

This may be too much to ask, but is there any way somebody can point me to
or give me instructions on how to set up and build webkit inside Visual
Studio?  I have successfully run the build-webkit script in Cygwin shell.  I
guess the problem is I don't know how to execute the code such that I can
set breakpoints and reach them and step through the code.  I have found 2065
C++ source modules in the Cygwin tree and want to be able to familiarize
myself with each of them by seeing them all stop or at least many of the
most commonly used pieces.  I want to add code that allows me to capture and
respond to certain data in web pages.  I have only built and tested small
projects in Visual Studio, nothing near the size and complexity of webkit.
I have done bigger and more complex projects before, but it was in IBM
WebSphere using Java code. 
 I think the build-webkit script is using a batch interface into Visual
Studio to do its build but I don't think that method allows me to set
breakpoints.  If it does I don't know where to begin setting them.  I
haven't yet seen anything that tells me what exactly the --debug option of
build-webkit is doing and how it works.  Surely somebody reading this knows
what I mean and has done this sort of thing and maybe you can at least help
me ask the right questions?
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