[webkit-help] Webkit unable to deal with image files.

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Thu Aug 20 03:51:36 PDT 2009

haithem rahmani <haithem.rahmani at ...> writes:

> Hi all,
> I'm using (midori +webkit) on embedded linux platform.
> I checked that I have  the "/usr/share/mime/image" in my 
> filesystem.
> but I'm not able to display any image file correctly, but images
> are displayed as "text"

Let me help you to write a better request and then answer.


I'm using midori with WebKitGTK+ on a Linux platform. I have
written the attached simple test case that should display one
image. One I use http it is working, when I use file to open the
webpage it does not work.

Simulation of an attachment:
      <body><img src="foo.jpeg" /></body>

Answer to this question:

maybe you should use an Embedded Linux Distribution like
Angstrom Linux. It comes with midori and WebKitGTK+ in packaged
form and is available for armv5, armv6, armv7, atmel, mipsel, and
many more platforms.

As http is working and file is not, I assume the GIO/glib is not
able to identify the mimetype. This is mostly likely the case
when the the shared-mime-magic package is not installed.


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