[webkit-gtk] Fixing CVE-2023-41993

Douglas R. Reno renodr at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Sep 24 08:49:16 PDT 2023

Good morning,

I'm one of the maintainers of Linux From Scratch, and we've had a couple 
of our users ask us about CVE-2023-41993 (which seems to be an actively 
exploited arbitrary code execution vulnerability according to Apple's 
documentation). I see that there's a commit here which matches the 
WebKit bug number: 

Looking at this, I was wondering if we should patch it locally, or if 
there's going to be a new release of WebKit soon to fix this problem. 
Building WebKit takes a long time for us, so we'd prefer to not 
duplicate work if there's a new one coming in the next day or two.

Thank you!

- Doug

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