[webkit-gtk] Generate sequence of snapshots.

Andre Caldas andre.em.caldas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 10:49:46 PST 2022

Dear developers,

My name is André Caldas. I would like to write a program that
generates a video (sequence of images) for a certain HTML / CSS3 /
Javascript animation. Ideally, the program should be a library, to be
used in MLT (https://www.mltframework.org/). Like a frei0r plugin
(https://frei0r.dyne.org/). I thought that maybe, I could use

I basically would need to control how time passes. Something like a
"step debugger". So, I could take a snapshot, advance one frame (1/60
of a second, for example), take another frame and so forth.

Is it possible to do this with WebKitGTK?

Any advices on where to start? :-)

André Caldas.

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