[webkit-gtk] [ISSUE] Possible bug in webkitgk. Inconsistent bahaviour

C Larbi pkl2000us at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 03:44:16 PDT 2021

Last week, i sent a message about poor performance of my webkitgtk
application on a raspberry pi 4.

Yesterday, after hours of tinkering around with my system, i made the
following discoveries:

1. I tested my sample page with the minibrowser that comes with webkitgtk.

2. Animation performance greatly improved when i altered the zoom factor of
the webpage. (don't know why)

3. I got the same result when i tested it on GNOME web running on my x86
desktop computer. This narrows issue to webkitgtk

4. Performance goes back to poor when i inject some javascript into my

Is this normal webkitgtk behavior?

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