[webkit-gtk] Plan to migrate WebKitGTK and WPEWEbKit to libsoup3

Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Tue Feb 16 04:52:09 PST 2021

Hi all, 

libsoup3 is the new API that will be released in September with an
updated API and HTTP2 support. The new API is mostly done, we expect to
continue working on it during the next release cycle, but we don't
expect major changes, we will focus on the HTTP2 support now. So, now
it's a the time to start migrating to libsoup3. Even thuogh the very
few APIs we use in WebKitGTK (and WPE) haven't changed (so there isn't
any API/ABI break from the WebKit point of view), we will have to bump
the API version to avoid mixing libsoup2 and 3 in applications that
also use libsoup directly. I want to propose the following plan for the

1.- libsoup 2.99.1 will be released soon: as I said we don't expect any
changes in the API, just additions, but not breaks, unless we find
something wrong while porting apps. We will keep doing 2.99.x releases
during the next release cycle.

2.- WebKitGTK and WPEWebKit will have a build option to enable libsoup3
API that will be disabled by default. This will land soon, so it will
be possible to build 2.32 with libsoup3 for development.

3.- Once we branch for 2.32, we change the build option to default to
libsoup3 and do the API bump in trunk. This API bump will not include
any API change, so no migration is required by apps, just linking to
the right library depending on the libsoup version currently used by
the app.

4.- In September we release libsoup 3.0 and WebKitGTK/WPE 2.34 with
libsoup3 support enabled by default.

5.- We will keep supporting libsoup2 for the next releases until all
apps are ported and we all can get rid of lbsoup2.


Carlos Garcia Campos

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