[webkit-gtk] Increasing CPU usage omegle.com

Dennis New dennisn at dennisn.mooo.com
Sun May 31 08:45:02 PDT 2020

Any idea why omegle.com starts by using about 30% of my 1.6ghz cpu
(webkit-gtk-2.28.2), doing nothing obvious at the beginning of a chat:

  WebKitWebProcess ~20%, X ~8%, kworker/events ~4%

And then over time slowly keeps increasing:

  WebKitWebProcess ~60%, X ~6%, kworker/events ~6%

Until my cpu is at 100%, with the fan spinning intensely, system
overheating, and the browser is painfully laggy and slow to respond?

The only thing that's obviously changing is the size of the text area
(which contains only text), so it seems like a horribly inefficient
rendering mechanism? Starting a new chat (ie. erasing the contents of
that long chat history) brings things back to the original ~30% total
cpu state.

I'm pretty sure this affects lots of other sites, so hopefully if we can
get to the bottom of this, general performance will improve.

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