[webkit-gtk] Next: Adding items to the context menu (in Lisp)

Pierre Neidhardt mail at ambrevar.xyz
Tue May 5 03:00:11 PDT 2020


I'm working on Next (https://github.com/atlas-engineer/next/), a Common
Lisp browser using WebKitGTK, and I'd like to populate the context menu
with custom items.

A simple attempt:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
; Helper to populate the browser "context-menu-entries" slot:
(defun make-context-menu-entries ()
  (let ((foo-action (gio:g-simple-action-new
                     (glib:g-variant-type-new glib:+g-variant-type-maybe+))))

     foo-action "activate"
     (lambda (action parameter)
       (declare (ignore action parameter))
       (log:info "foo action")))

    (gio:g-simple-action-set-enabled foo-action t)

    (list :foo
           "Do foo"

; Initialize the web view:
; ...
(gobject:g-signal-connect (gtk-object buffer) "context-menu"

   (lambda (web-view context-menu event hit-test-result)
     (declare (ignore web-view event hit-test-result))

      (getf (context-menu-entries *browser*) :foo))
     ;; Return nil to show the context menu.
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Translation for non-Lispers:

- Create a simple action "foo" with "maybe" variant type.
- Connect the "activate" signal to a lambda logging something.
- Return a dictionary of <:foo my-new-context-menu-item>.

When initializing the buffer:

- Connect the "context-menu" signal and append the mew-new-context-menu-item from above.

This shows a "Do foo" entry in the context menu.  But it's greyed
out, so it seems that g-simple-action-set-enabled does not do what I
think it does.

Any clue what I'm missing?

Pierre Neidhardt
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