[webkit-gtk] Animated gifs

Daniel Berek berekdaniel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 02:17:51 PDT 2019

Hi, i am using  webkit2gtk-4.0, javascriptcoregtk-4.0 and
webkit_web_view_new() widget to load custom html sites.
Also have a javascript function which calls  two JS function (showImgHideText()
and showTextHideImg()) in a cycle with timeout.
Basically it switching between showing a gif and a text. My problem is, I
am loading with webkit_web_view_run_javascript() and after loading new html
sites with webkit_web_view_load_html() the JS function works further, but
the gif is not animated only the last frame is shown.
Did somebody experienced this problem? Or anybody knows a solution, I would
really appreciate. Thanks, Daniel

function showImgHideText() {document.getElementById(textDiv).style.display
= 'none' ;
document.getElementById(imgDiv).src = imgPath
;document.getElementById(imgDiv).style.display = 'inline' ;}

function showTextHideImg(){document.getElementById(imgDiv).style.display =
'none' ;
document.getElementById(textDiv).style.display = 'inline'
;document.getElementById(textDiv).innerHTML= text ;
document.getElementById(imgDiv).src = '' ;}
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