[webkit-gtk] webextensions, iframes and main gui process

Gaute Hope eg at gaute.vetsj.com
Tue Jun 26 23:55:36 PDT 2018

Michael Gratton writes on June 27, 2018 4:26:
>> The necessicity to do all DOM manipulation on the main WE-thread 
>> (sync'ed) and the interactivity between the webpage and the GUI 
>> allows my design to become a lot simpler if I can do sync'ed requests 
>> between my GUI thread and the WE-thread. Async-options would require 
>> me to keep blocking user-events and making my GUI inactive when I am 
>> waiting for a request to finish. I was hoping to avoid this since it 
>> would be really hard to reliably guard against this. Especially since 
>> external events / timers also need to be blocked untill the request 
>> is done. The last option is what I am doing now (I just choose to do 
>> most things sync'ed).
> Yeah, async calls do make things more complicated, but quite often in 
> the long run it's usually worth it. I'm not completely sure how 
> WebKitGTK handles user events and other IO between the WebView and 
> WebProcess, but I'm pretty sure it is all async. If so handling user 
> input between the two is possible, at least.

Good point. Yeah for sure, must be possible.

Thanks, Gaute

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