[webkit-gtk] can be modified in this way?

tugouxp 13824125580 at 163.com
Fri Jun 15 07:09:59 PDT 2018

Hi castro:
   i do this because i want to confirm the whether the webprocess need to connect with the system waylandserver, because the UI process has a nested wayland server. 
and this experiment said yes. 
so it is confused me why the webprocess connect both the nested and system wayland server.  can not the render operation be finished just through the nested waylandserver? 
why connect the weson(system waylandserver on my platform).

thanks for your support.

At 2018-06-15 20:12:11, "Adrian Perez de Castro" <aperez at igalia.com> wrote:
>On Fri, 15 Jun 2018 18:20:16 +0800 (CST), tugouxp <13824125580 at 163.com> wrote:
>>    HI all:
>>        on webkit gtk 2.20.2, the createplatformdisplay class,  can the
>>        "gdk_wayland_display_get_wl_display(display)" be replaced by
>>        "wl_display_connect(nullptr)"
>> and i tested it works fine. is they identical by default display?
>Most of the time both function calls will return a wl_display connected to the
>same display. There might be subtle cases in which the display returned by
>wl_display_connect(nullptr) will not be the same as the one being used by
>GDK/GTK+ —right now I cannot think of an example— and that would be a problem.
>Another problem when using wl_display_connect() is that there will be *two*
>connections to Wayland (one created by the function call, plus the one being
>used by GDK/GTK+). Obtaning the display being used by GDK reuses the same
>connection that GDK (and GTK+) are already using, resulting in less usage of
>Understanding what are you trying to achieve would be very helpful, otherwise
>I do not see any good reason to for the change. Why do you need the suggested
>Best regards,
> Adrián 🎩
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