[webkit-gtk] which compositor webkitgtk use? Did the webkitgtk needs "weston" or other 3rd party compositor implementation?

tugouxp 13824125580 at 163.com
Thu Jun 7 00:44:58 PDT 2018

HI folks:
  i am porting webkitgtk 2.20.2 on my platform,which use  wayland(weston) as its  display backend server.
but i found basically by static reading codes of webkit that, it seems the webkitgtk has implementation a compositor of its own:


477 WaylandCompositor::WaylandCompositor()         
478 {                                              
479     WlUniquePtr<struct wl_display> display(wl_display_create());                                                                                                                                                
480     if (!display) {                                                     
481     ¦   WTFLogAlways("Nested Wayland compositor could not create display object");
482     ¦   return;                                                         
483     }                                          
485     String displayName = "webkitgtk-wayland-compositor-" + createCanonicalUUIDString();
486     if (wl_display_add_socket(display.get(), displayName.utf8().data()) == -1) {
487     ¦   WTFLogAlways("Nested Wayland compositor could not create display socket");
488     ¦   return;                                                         
489     }       

from the code above, it seems the webkitgtk  create its own display device and as a server, waiting for client connection.
so , did this mean the webkitgtk has its own compositor implementation instead? and can be run without weston ?

i am a beginnner and thanks for your kindly help.
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