[webkit-gtk] play video with hardware "overlay" feature to improve performance?

tugouxp 13824125580 at 163.com
Mon Jul 2 23:43:03 PDT 2018

hi folks:

   now , the html5 <video> tag player render the picture with "appsink" or "webkit_video_sink", both need convert the yuv format picture to RGB picture  in order to composite to one image with UI planer. 
although the convert finished by GPU acceleration, but it seems still not fully utilized the hardware capacity on the platform with supporting "overlay" feature  display device.   so, is there anyway to improve this situation. 
for example, use a seperate "overlay buffer"  besides the "main surface", and then let the display device do the merge operation of the two buffer.

did the webkigtk only supports one layer for all resources(yuv frame, gui, subtitle ....)?
and how can the webkitgtk to achieve that mentioned above ?  
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