[webkit-gtk] Support for PKCS11 / Smartcard?

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Mon Dec 3 18:16:19 PST 2018


As you predicted it didn't work for smartcard authentication with WebKit
(MiniBrowser) (perhaps I was overly optimistic that somehow it would
magically work ;) and I am not sure how else to test it?  But setting
the GIO_USE_TLS=gnutls-pkcs11 variable does cause it to start looking at
smartcard related libraries.  So that sounds like there is hope that it
would work after you got the client authentication working, that I
assume would interface with whatever gnutls-pkcs11 provided?  Any idea
when that might happen?  Also, it seems like it would be useful to leave
the pkcs11 code around that you had recently removed ;)

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to test the glib-networking
without WebKit, I am just not sure what else smartcard auth related
would use it?

Also, this might be a long shot, but how hard would it be to get WebKit
to redirect to another browser like firefox that could do the auth, or
is the WebKit API just too specific for that to ever work?  For fun I
actually linked WebKitWebProcess to firefox and it does pop up firefox,
but not surprisingly none of the information gets passed.



On 12/03/2018 01:37 PM, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
> I think won't work to authenticate you to the website, because WebKit
> doesn't (yet) support client authentication (that's on my TODO). So
> try to find some way to test it without using WebKit. Admittedly,
> that's a sticking point, because I'm really not sure how you would do
> that....
> Michael

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