[webkit-gtk] Keyboard and mouse lag in webkit 2.20

Robert Szelepcsenyi robert.szelepcsenyi at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 10:35:05 PDT 2018




We are running a kiosk with a suite of applications based on python, gtk,
webkit, mplayer etc. Due to various reasons we have to upgrade to the latest
version of OS we use - OpenSuSE LEAP 15.0.


This particular OS version contains GTK3 and Webkit2-4 2.20. The problem
with this particular version of Webkit is that for some reason it introduces
an unpleasant response lag of about 200-250 ms. The applications can be
used, but they have an unpleasant sluggish feel. 


Our development system runs OpenSUSE LEAP 42.3, which contains Webkit 2.18.
The same problem occurred here as well, but for some reason these setting do
away with it:




or in Python:


settings = self.browser.get_settings()



However, this solution does not work for Webkit2-4 2.20.


Webkit 3 seems to work flawlessly, but it is not available in OpenSuSE 15.0.


The development system is running on a virtual machine, so I will try to set
up a new one with OpenSuSE LEAP 15.0 to see whether the issue lies with the
webkit version or the hardware.



Robert Szelepcsenyi


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