[webkit-gtk] Gamepad Support

Adrien Plazas kekun.plazas at laposte.net
Fri Oct 20 03:04:18 PDT 2017

Hi pushed a prototype of the library on a public repo: 

Its licensed under the LGPLv2.1+ (the same as glib/gtk+), it depends on 
glib, gio, gobject and libevdev, and gudev is highly recommended though 
it provides a fallback. So far it is Linux only but I'm not against 
makinig it cross-platform with a bit of help.

I tried to keep the public API minimal as it's easier to add stuff than 
to remove it. ☺ It's not completely usable yet as functions to 
retrieve the useful content from the events still have to be written. I 
would like to polish it a bit more and to publish a first release 
within a month.

A code review would be very welcomed if you have time for it.

Adrien Plazas

On mar., oct. 17, 2017 at 3:16 AM, Michael Catanzaro 
<mcatanzaro at igalia.com> wrote:
> All the Linux gamepad code was removed in 
> http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/220532/webkit since it was never 
> enabled by default and never updated to use Apple's new gamepad code 
> instead of Google's older code.
> Of course, all the cross-platform gamepad support still exists. It 
> just needs to be implemented for the GTK and WPE ports.
> I think we'd be fine with adding a dependency on your gamepad library 
> as long as (a) it uses either a BSD/MIT style or LGPLv2+ (not LGPLv3+ 
> and not GPL) license, and (b) as long as it's optional, so that 
> distros can turn it off if they don't ship it yet. This means you'd 
> need to use WEBKIT_OPTION_DEFINE to make ENABLE_GAMEPAD a public 
> option in OptionsGTK.cmake.
> I think all the code you'd need to modify is under 
> Source/WebCore/platform/gamepad and Source/WebKit/UIProcess/Gamepad. 
> There's gamepad code in a few other places, but it all looks 
> cross-platform.
> Michael
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