[webkit-gtk] Gamepad Support

Adrien Plazas kekun.plazas at laposte.net
Mon Oct 16 13:57:43 PDT 2017


I did a quick search into the source code but couldn't find how 
WebKitGTK+ handles gamepads. Does it directly handle the gamepads or 
does it rely on a library? Using http://html5gamepad.com/ my gamepad 
doesn't seem to work on GNOME Web, see the attached screenshot. Is it 
implemented at all in WebKitGTK+?

I plan to soonish export the gamepad support from GNOME Games as a 
small GObject based library. I would like to use it in Games obviously, 
but also on other GNOME softwares like Quadrapassel, Nibbles and maybe 

My ultimate goal is to make gamepad support shine on Linux, creating 
and spreading this library is a step in doing so.Ultimately I would 
love to have gamepad calibration in GNOME Settings so that all software 
using gamepads could benefit from it.

Would you be interested by such a support and dependency?

Adrien Plazas
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