[webkit-gtk] Call for testing: Google user agent quirks

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at igalia.com
Wed May 10 12:47:45 PDT 2017


Epiphany 3.24.2 contains a new hidden setting 
enable-site-specific-quirks. It should generally be left enabled, but 
I'd like help from testers: please disable that setting, then browse 
Google sites and let me know if anything breaks *due to the use of that 
setting*. Please in particular test calendar.google.com and 3D mode in 
Google Maps. If nobody notices any breakage, then we can get rid of 
these quirks.

You can also use this setting as a workaround for the recent breakage 
on youtube.com and accounts.google.com if you don't have WebKitGTK+ 
2.16.2 yet. Prior to 2.16.2, we used a Firefox browser UA quirk for all 
Google domains, and a Chrome browser quirk for YouTube. With 2.16.2, 
the YouTube quirk is gone, and the Firefox quirk no longer applies to 
accounts.google.com. The goal is to determine if we can remove the 
quirk from all Google domains. It's currently only there for 
calendar.google.com and Google Maps, and both those sites work for me 
now, so I'm inclined to say we can get rid of it.

Note: feedback from BSD users is welcome too, but removing these quirks 
is definitely going to cause regressions for you. At the same time that 
I remove these quirks, I'll also change WebKit to always report "Linux 
x86_64" rather than your actual underlying OS. That should avoid this 


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