[webkit-gtk] Gtk and WebKit version

Nagendra K pingnagendra at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 12:52:15 PDT 2017

In http://trac.webkit.org/browser/webkit/releases/WebKitGTK
Where can in find
r212635 for the webkit-2.16 branch
I could see the details of webkit-2.16 but could not find r212635 in that.
Are the revisions mentioned in this link are WebKit revisions? Or are
specific to webkitgtk?

Sorry I was not clear earlier.


On 16 Jun 2017 21:51, "Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez" <clopez at igalia.com>

On 16/06/17 17:12, Nagendra K wrote:
> I tried to find the  (e.g. r212635 for the webkit-2.16 branch) but could
> not map in the link.

Can you reword this?
I'm having trouble understanding what "could not map in the link" means.
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