[webkit-gtk] webkitgtk requiring 'bad' gstreamer plugins is a problem for Ubuntu

Charlie Turner cturner at igalia.com
Mon Aug 14 03:11:57 PDT 2017

> I had to use -DUSE_GSTREAMER_GL=OFF because webkit2gtk is in Ubuntu
> 'main' and it is not permitted for 'main' packages to have binary
> dependencies on Ubuntu 'universe' packages like the 'bad' gstreamer

Aside from GStreamer's use of OpenGL, we also rely on an HLS client
implementation in the -bad repository.

> Could you ask gstreamer to move them to 'good'?

The reasons for something staying in -bad are at least some of

"code review, some documentation, a set of tests, a real live
maintainer, or some actual wide use."

It's not as simple as just moving it around, it would require a lot of
work to fix certain things along the above lines. I'm not as familiar
with the GL library and it's status against these metrics, it might be
closer to good than HLS.

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