[webkit-gtk] Rationale for disabling pixel tests on bots

Romain Bellessort romain.wkt at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 02:11:20 PDT 2017


For several years (apparently since 2012), pixel tests have been disabled
when running tests on bots (see e.g. "Pixel tests disabled" in [1]). There
is an option to run them locally (-p), but I was wondering what was the
rationale for disabling them.

Based on what I found, the reason seems to be that running pixel tests on
bots has a high processing cost. In addition, in most cases, this cost is
not needed as considered features may be tested through reftests (hence
disabling pixel tests on bots is not a big issue as they can generally be

Would you say this is correct, or are there other reasons?


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