[webkit-gtk] EWS is sad

Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez clopez at igalia.com
Fri Sep 9 08:54:15 PDT 2016

On 09/09/16 15:52, Adrián Pérez de Castro wrote:
> Another idea is considering buying more build machines. How do people feel
> about this? Also, if we aren't running an EWS in the Coruña office where there
> are several powerful build machines, we should do that. Probably Carlos López
> knows what's the situation there.

We had some troubles with the EWS running at Igalia.

I think it should be fixed now, so lets hope that the queue is empty soon.

BTW, the documentation for setting a new EWS was a bit poor. I have
updated it with a step-by-step easy to follow guide for setting a
WebKitGTK+ EWS bot [1].

Anyone can add a EWS bot.
You only need a computer and one hour of your time to setup it.

And its always welcomed any new EWS to the WebKitGTK+ queue.


[1] https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/EWS#AddinganewEWSbottotheWebKitGTKqueue

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