[webkit-gtk] FTL-JIT LLVM

Manuel Selva manuel.selva at inria.fr
Fri Nov 25 14:06:10 PST 2016

Hi all,

I am trying to build a version of JavaScriptCore with FTL-JIT based on 
LLVM. In this context, I checked out WebKit 2.10.9 using SVN. I can 
build this version with CMake without any problems on Linux. 
Unfortunately, by default, it seems that FTL-JIT is not enabled. To 
enable it I have to use the following CMake command:


But when doing that I have some issues when running make. LLVM dependent 
files cannot be compiled. I tried with LLVM 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 without 

So my questions are the following ones:

1- What is the last version of Webkit including a JavaScript engine with 
4 tiers and based on LLVM ?

2- If 2.10 is the correct version, on which LLVM version does it depend ?

Thank you for your help,


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