[webkit-gtk] Gardening status update

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at igalia.com
Sat Jan 30 09:49:54 PST 2016


We're making a group effort to make our port green:


We started at (r194029): Failed 369 jsc tests failed 149 failures 28
new passes 8 flakes 74 missing results 0 api tests failed, 0 crashed, 1
timed out, 15 skipped

At our last update (r195231), we were at: Failed 111 failures 9 new
passes 15 flakes 4 missing results 1 api tests failed, 0 crashed, 2
timed out, 15 skipped

We had a setback this week in that thousands of tests needed
rebaselined. Thanks to Carlos Lopez, we got that under control and even
made some progress. Now we are at (r195897): Failed 75 failures 13 new
passes 14 flakes 0 api tests failed, 0 crashed, 1 timed out, 15 skipped

So we are about halfway there. However, I am concerned that the current
effort is not sustainable with the current number of contributors; we
have too many empty days on the calendar, and the people who do sign up
(myself included) are frequently missing days. We could have much
better progress if we had more people contributing one hour per week.


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