[webkit-gtk] windows version

Jean-Philippe Chancelier jpc at cermics.enpc.fr
Tue Jan 12 07:58:31 PST 2016

	Hi List,	
	I am using the windows version of webkitgtk (gtk2 version) 
	from opensuze packages mingw32-libwebkitgtk-1.10.2-19.49
	My application uses webkitgtk for manual visualization. The windows 
	version works fine when used from Linux/wine but when run in windows 
	(windows 8.1) it crashes when I enlarge a webkit window. 
	It does not seam to be related to my application since the demo 
	file GtkLauncher-1.0.exe also crashes in the same situation. 
	Is it a known bug and is there a solution to solve it ? 

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