[webkit-gtk] compare feature lists for webkit versions ?

Edwin James edjamesg at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 05:03:09 PST 2016

hi all,

How to compare the feature list from different webkit versions ?.
We are building webkit for hbbtv standard.
It requires certain features as mandatory
Actually my platform has in built webkit version 1.1.12. But I need
 throughly investigate about all features available in the webkit , if that
kit doesnt work out, we need to build the latest webkit ..hopefully should
have alll features.

Where do I find the release notes for each webkit version. there is a
changelog file for each version ..but I could not get the information I
want. It had only bug fixes.

I wanted to compare the feature list from different versions of webkit.

Please help me to find out the same.

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