[webkit-gtk] webkitgtk and Google Maps API

Philippe Charpentier philippe.charpenti at free.fr
Tue Aug 16 06:57:18 PDT 2016

Le mardi 16 août 2016 à 15:49 +0200, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez a
écrit :
> On 16/08/16 14:48, Philippe Charpentier wrote:
> >  
> > Thank you very much for your quick answer!
> > 
> > The MiniBrowser is present in webkitgtk4-devel-2.12.3, but the result is
> > exactly the same as with GtkLauncher: same loss of mouse functionality.
> > The inspector works and shows a LOT of errors!
> > 
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> This seems a Fedora specific bug.
> I can reproduce your problem with the MiniBrowser shipped with Fedora 24
> (From inside a chroot, with X11). When you put the mouse over the map
> and you move the Mouse wheel, it scrolls the entire page rather than
> zooming into the map. And if you click into the map and drags it, it
> don't works.
> However I can't reproduce it on Debian. There the wheel mouse behaves as
> expected (zooms into the map), and you can click&drag the map.
> I also tested with a recent build of WebKit trunk on Fedora 24, and it
> doesn't show the problem. Only happens with the WebKitGTK+ version
> shipped and packaged by Fedora.
> So, not sure what could be the root cause of this, but I suggest you to
> report a bug to Fedora regarding this. Maybe there is some build option
> that the Fedora package enables that is triggering this.
> Regards.
Thank you very much for testing it.
As you suggest I will report a bug to Fedora.


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