[webkit-gtk] webkitgtk and Google Maps API

Philippe Charpentier philippe.charpenti at free.fr
Tue Aug 16 02:52:02 PDT 2016

on my recent installation of Fedora 24, webkitgtk (2.4.11) seems not to
be compatible with Google Maps API. For example, if I run
The site displays correctly but the mouse does not work properly:
- Impossible to move the map
- Can not zoom with the wheel
- Impossible to open streetview
On various other sites, several other functions do not work.
Moreover, I noticed that the inspector crashes GtkLauncher.
With an older version (1.10.2 on Fedora 18 for example) everything was
working normally.
This behavior is it intentional or is it a bug (of webkitgtk or it's
installation in Fedora 24...)?
In the second case how to make Google Maps API works correctly with
webkitgtk in Fedora 24 (I have two python programs (which use
pywebkitgtk) who no longer work due to this problem)?

Thank you very much in advance.

Philippe Charpentier

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