[webkit-gtk] Wrong-drawing/rendering?

Vellemans, Noel Noel.Vellemans at visionBMS.com
Mon Oct 26 00:58:09 PDT 2015

Hello Mario

Thank you for the prompt response.

I've been isolation the problem case into a HTML/CSS files.
(did this by cut and paste some code out of our real-life code, not really cleaned up but at least it gives you an faulty-behaving example ).

Please find "webContent.zip" 

When e.g. row '001:' is clicked, the BMS_ui_adm() event handler makes <fieldset class="dialog" id="AdmValue"> visible. That is when an 'orange shape' appears on the lower right half of the display. (Remember this is a cut-and-paste snippet of production code all put in one file to simulate the issue).

Best regards

Noel Vellemans
BMS bvba
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Hi Noel,

I encountered a few issues recently related to rendering, but in my case those happened with 2.8.x/2.10.x series, couldn't see any with 2.4.9 so far.

In any case, I think it would be helpful if you could submit the source file (or even better, a reduced test case) so that we can better know what might be happening there.

I myself also have a 32-bit Intel system running WebKitGTK+ 2.4.9, so if you submit that test case I'd be happy to test it and let you know.

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