[webkit-gtk] Occasional crash

Niranjan Rao nhrdls at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 09:31:25 PDT 2015


We are on webkit 2.2.6/Ubuntu 12.0.4 - I know it's old version, but very 
hard to migrate to new version and keep up with all the releases. 
Updating to newer version is on our never ending to-do list.

Occasionally we see crashes where we are  trying click a dom element 
programmatically. Error message I get is gtk_render_frame_gap: assertion 
'xy1_gap <= width' failed. This does not happen every time, but happens 
often enough to be noticeable on radar screen.

When it happens, its almost always at same element for click for this 
particular site. Unfortunately site is login protected.

If I can get some hints for what can be causing this problem, I can do 
some more debugging/triaging.



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