[webkit-gtk] how to download something with webkit ?

Nicolas Jäger jagernicolas at legtux.org
Wed Jan 28 17:36:03 PST 2015


> Where's this callback connected? We don't have any download-requested
> signal in WebKitWebView. It seems to me you are mixing the WebKit1 and
> WebKit2 APIs somehow, because in WebKit1 there's download-requested
> signal in WebKitWebView.

You are right, I was messing both of the APIs...

> In WebKit2, downloads are handled by the WebKitWebContext. There's
> WebKitWebContext::download-started signal that is emitted every time a
> new download is started either by the policy checker
> (webkit_policy_decision_download)

that information was important for me too, because I was wondering what
job does `webkit_policy_decision_download` since before, nothing was
downloaded. I wasn't sure if `webkit_policy_decision_download` has to
be used to start a download.

Now, stuffs work! I can download a file where I want it.

thx for your great help. If you would like me to make a small example
of how downloading a file with webkit2gtk+ and gtk for your
ProgrammingGuide/Cookbook I could send it.


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