[webkit-gtk] webkit2gtk+ webview scroll position

Jan Lukas Gernert jangernert at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 07:33:52 PST 2015


I have a webkit2gtk webview in my application and want to save the current
scroll position on close to restore it on startup again. This was very easy
with webkit1gtk since you could just use a scrolledwindow with its
adjustment. But how would I do this with webkit2gtk?
Btw I use vala and would prefer to solve the problem with vala/gtk and not
some html/javascript-stuff since I have about 0 knowledge in
In the #webkitgtk channel someone pointed me to this solution (second
But I have no idea how that would help me. I don't even know if that is
javascript or html5 :D
How would one do this with vala?

Thanks in advance,
Jan Lukas :)
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