[webkit-gtk] webkit-gtk 2.4.8 on NetBSD with gtk3 and WebKit 2.0 API build issues

藍挺瑋 lantw44 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 21:53:47 PST 2015

Leonardo Taccari 於 西元2015年02月15日 20:13 寫道:
> 藍挺瑋 writes:
>> Do you have a build log that uses 'gmake V=1 -j1'? It may be useful to
>> see which command causes the malformed archive error.
> Here a build with V=1 (I think that pkgsrc's MAKE_JOBS variable was
> ignored, if it's confusing I can redo it):
>   http://leot.altervista.org/tmp/webkit-gtk3-buildlog.gz
> Please note that gzipped is 1.9MB while gunzipped is ~90MB.

I found that we also had silimar problems on FreeBSD before and it was 
resolved by patching libtool. We always use 'gmake 
LIBTOOL=/usr/local/bin/libtool' to force the use of our updated libtool 
to prevent the undefined reference error.

All libtool patches used by FreeBSD are already included in libtool 
2.4.5, but I don't know which commit fix the issue for us. I only 
remember the following two changes but I don't know whether they are 
related to the undefined reference error.


I also found static archives were generated by 'ar cru' command. If 
NetBSD uses GNU ar, it should be 'ar cruT'. Is the check added by this 
bug https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=128596 doesn't work on 
NetBSD? The 'T' flag was used to workaround the 4 GiB file size limit.

> Thank you,
> L.
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