[webkit-gtk] The “context-menu” signal question

Konovalov, Vadim Vadim.Konovalov at emc.com
Mon Aug 3 07:30:39 PDT 2015

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Thank you for the quick reply,

>  * If you are building a web extension, you should include
> <webkit2/webkit-web-extension.h> only and use
> WebKitWebPage::context -menu
>  * If you are not building a web extension, but a program,
> you should include <webkit2/webkit2.h> only and use
> WebKitWebView::context-menu

Actually I am writing a program that utilizes WebKit/gtk but I need 
to manipulate DOM also, this is why I am creating small web-extension also,
which will facilitate to my program. 
This was advised somewhere on the Internet at 

> The common classes in both APIs are already included in the
> global headers.

I would like to narrow the question,

In this excerpt:

 user_function (WebKitWebPage		*web_page,
		 WebKitContextMenu	*context_menu,
		 WebKitWebHitTestResult *hit_test_result,
		 gpointer		 user_data)

WebKitContextMenu defined in "WebKitContextMenu.h" which is included together with webkit2/webkit2.h;

WebKitWebPage defined in WebKitWebPage.h which is included together with webkit2/webkit-web-extension.h;

These two could *NOT* be included together - by design.

How can I compile this code anyway??

(The mentioned excerpt is placed right here - http://webkitgtk.org/reference/webkit2gtk/stable/WebKitWebPage.html )


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