[webkit-gtk] The “context-menu” signal question

Konovalov, Vadim Vadim.Konovalov at emc.com
Mon Aug 3 05:26:29 PDT 2015


The manual @ ./webkitgtk-2.8.4/Documentation.webkit2gtk-4.0.html.WebKitFrame.html reads:

user_function (WebKitWebPage          *web_page,
               WebKitContextMenu      *context_menu,
               WebKitWebHitTestResult *hit_test_result,
               gpointer                user_data)

I can't make this to compile, because - AFAIU this I should compile inside my "extension",  (as long as WebKitWebPage is defined at extension mode)

OTOH WebKitContextMenu and WebKitWebHitTestResult are in WebView mode (as opposed to extension),

IOW these are defined in opposite H files, which were made impossible to simultaneously "#include" on purpose.

Obviously I am misreading something simple here.
The question is simple - what should be #include'd to have this to compile?

And please let me sincerely express my gratitude to this excellent piece of software, :)


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