[webkit-gtk] Kiosk-style mouse

Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Mon Sep 22 22:36:17 PDT 2014

El mar, 23-09-2014 a las 13:14 +1200, Gavin Lambert escribió:
> Is it possible to make WebKit/GTK treat mouse events only in a very limited
> way?
> I have a kiosk-style application that displays a browser view full screen,
> using a bit of JavaScript to periodically update the display.  It's
> currently using WebKit/GTK 1.8.1.  (ie. WebKit1; I haven't migrated to
> WebKit2 because the multi-process model seems too much of a pain in the neck
> for this application.)

All 2.0 versions until 2.6 include both WebKit1 and WebKit2 APIs, so you
can use WebKit1 API with 2.4.5, for example, instead of using 1.8.1 that
is very old.

Have you actually tried WebKit2 API? Why is that a pain in the neck for
your application? What do you mean exactly?

Carlos Garcia Campos
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