[webkit-gtk] extremely slow reflow and/or painting on certain pages (due to xorg xserver 1.16?)

Adrian Perez de Castro aperez at igalia.com
Wed Sep 17 04:06:26 PDT 2014

Michael Gratton <mike at vee.net> writes:

> I'm running Ephy 3.12.1 w/ WebKitGtk 2.4.5 on the current Ubuntu GNOME 
> beta. Recently, certain pages started updating *really* slowly, such 
> that it takes a second or two before the effects of scrolling or key 
> presses are seen. Duck Duck Go's search interface 
> <https://duckduckgo.com/> and results lists are two examples. [...]

Here I also remember DuckDuckGo being sluggish for a while, but the
thing seems to have solved itself.

> It's hard to pin down exactly when the issue started, but I think it is 
> related to upgrading to xorg's xserver 1.16.

I am running Xorg server version 1.16.0, so I suspect the Intel video
driver can be a better guess, because the Intel driver and mesa got
several updates for me in the last weeks. I am using version 2.99.916,
so the issue must be somewhere in the versions of the Intel driver in
between versions 2.99.910 and 2.99.916 

As a recap, we have the following versions tested:

  Xorg     Intel driver  Slowness?
  ======== ============= =========
  1.15     2.99.910      No
  1.16     2.99.914      Yes
  1.16     2.99.916      No

If this is a problem caused by the driver, probably it won't be worth
it to provide a workaround in WebKitGTK (and JFTR, it may not be even
possible to workaround).


 ☺ Adrian
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