[webkit-gtk] Downloading a file

Niranjan Rao nhrdls at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 21:35:54 PDT 2014


On Webkit GTK 2.2.6.

I am connecting all the appropriate signals and I am able to download 
files as desired. In general functionality works as expected.

Key problem I am facing, is download is happening because of 
programmatic click on the link using extension code. Extension has no 
idea what happened to download or even a download was triggered as 
deciding file name other related actions are handled on UI side of webkit.

Is there something that will let extension also know about download actions.

General problem is writing tools using webkit API. We execute lot of DOM 
manipulation calls which happen in extension. However some actions 
happen on UI side (e.g. deciding save path for download) and some on 
WebProcess (click that resulted in download) - in the extension. I do 
understand the reasoning behind process separation, and know why some 
calls are that way - its logical like view can show save as dialog etc.. 
But from tools perspective when there is no user involved, it becomes 
cumbersome to manage both processes and make remote communications. 
Since the network calls are mostly handled in Webprocess, is there some 
possibility of hooking on webprocess so that extensions get some of the 
signals or at least notifications.



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